Tranquil Times

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Best New Age Album - Independent Music Awards 2013/2014



NOMINATED Best Piano Album with Instrumentation
by Broadcasters Worldwide (2/15/2015


#1 on ZMR Radio Charts - March 2014 - Chart






Album Cover

Tranquil Times Credits

Tranquil Times By Darlene K


1. Lucid See 4:08

2. Eternal Love 3:42

3. Greensleeves 3:57

4. Hypogeum 6:00

5. Surrender 3:16

6. Drifting with Bach 3:44

7. A Walk in Paradise 5:37

8. Atmosphere 12:00

Total Time 42:39

All Songs by

Darlene Koldenhoven

©2013 DarSongs Music, ASCAP



Darlene Koldenhoven: Producer, Composer, Pianist, Arranger, Orchestrator, Crystal Singing Bowls #1, 4, 8, Synthesist, Programmer, Engineer, Cover Photo & Graphics.
Steve Shepherd: Engineer, Mixing, Mastering.


New Age


Easy Listening

New Age Piano



Released 9/6/2013

TimeArt  D10909

UPC 7-65181-10930-9

ISBN 978-0-9789562-9-5


About Tranquil Times . . .

Winner of the 13th annual Independent Music Award for Best New Age Album, Darlene’s first  piano-based instrumental album, Tranquil Times, is the eighth she produced on her TimeArt label. Known for her angelic Grammy-winning voice and many award-winning albums, Darlene spotlights her skills as a pianist, composer, arranger and has guest live musicians, flautist Courtney Jacob (tk 5&7) and guitarist Mike Miller (tk 1&7), on two tracks each. There are no vocals! Suitable for relaxing moments of any kind, the eight tracks include five melodic songs, tastefully orchestrated, and three tracks with more atmospheric ambience. Most tracks are playing in music therapy sound systems in hospitals and hospices on the CARE Channel nationwide. Seven are original and one is Darlene’s gorgeous arrangement of the Celtic favorite, “Greensleeves” in a new meter. The albums opens with “Lucid See,” Nominated Best New Age Song 2011 by the Independent Music Awards, and takes us on a blissful, peaceful, journey from there.“Hypogeum” was named after the Hypogeum Oracle Chamber in Malta and the overall key of the piece, (A) and the opening piano note is the same ‘A’ - 110Hz frequency of the chamber the ancient Maltese used for trance and healing. Darlene plays her quartz crystal singing bowls on this track and two others. On a few songs, Darlene arranges the piano in the secondary role as a woodwind instrument takes the melody, all for the musical interest of the listener. Tranquil Times went #1 on the ZMR Radio Charts in March, 2014 after debuting #2 on the February, Charts. On, listeners voted it #1 for March in Europe and #2 in the USA. 2/15/2015 brought a Nomination from Broadcasters Worldwide for Best Piano Album with Instrumentation.

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Reviews . . .

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The C.A.R.E. Channel Network August 2014Featured Artist Link

"Tranquil Times is an album that ticks all the boxes of what could in years to come be regarded as a top rated contemporary instrumental album of its time and I will fall over backwards in shock, if I don’t see this terrific new album from Koldenhoven scoop an award of some ilk, in the numerous and various awards shows for 2014, yes, it is that good and yes, this is definitely one that you should have in your musical juke box of choice."

– Steve Sheppard, One World Music, England 2/2/2014


"Acclaimed vocalist Darlene Koldenhoven's lovely voice goes silent on her latest album, Tranquil Times, replaced by piano and assorted keyboards wielded with poetic artistry and technical wizardry. It's hard to believe that this is Koldenhoven's instrumental recording debut. . . . Some of the tracks are anchored in a neo-classical-meets-new age music vein, but the stellar vocalist-turned-talented-instrumentalist even explores ambient/spacemusic territory on the 12-minute long album closer, "Atmosphere," a soundtrack for cruising the backwaters of the Milky Way with its layers of synth pads, keyboard whooshes, and shimmering electronic textures. Any lover of new age music will want to hear more from this talented and versatile artist. Tranquil Times is a musical treat from an unexpected source."

 – Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter 1/10/2014

"Tranquil Times" is a lovely set of instrumental tracks, beautifully performed. Enjoy!

–Lee Armstrong, AmazonReview 3/16/14

"I listen to a lot of piano works from all types of artists . . . new age, straight solo, ragtime and good ol' boogie-woogie . . . but there are certain players, like Darlene, who know how to use the instrument to bring your emotions to the very surface (even if you're pretty good at supressing them) . . . my personal favorite though, . . . the beautiful "Hypogeum" . . . one of the most striking songs I've heard in the last 5 years. I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

–Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation Magazine 3/4/14

" . . . While Darlene’s skills as a pianist are formidable to say the least, I really can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with her work as a composer, orchestrator, and arranger. Her compositions feel exquisitely crafted and expertly produced. In this regard, the music exudes a polished elegance as well as deep feeling and passionate delivery. . . . There is a cinematic quality to her music, which could easily lend it to being used in a film soundtrack. While Tranquil Times provides a rich listening experience to the ear, it is equally evocative to the minds eye, stimulating luminous inner visual imagery from one track to the next. Although Darlene has the voice of an angel, it is wonderful to see her spreading her wings to reveal her other equally impressive musical gifts."

                                     – Michael Diamond, MusicandMediaFocus 1/17/2013

“Playing the album for a week practically non-stop, I find myself loath to move on to the next project, having grown attached to this lovely body of work. For any writer out there, this album is wonderful to write to, the flowing sounds crafting a marvelous backdrop in which to create. With original works and arrangements, this album is auditory nirvana. I highly recommend it.”

                                              Dana Wright, 1/15/2014

"Tranquil Times is a fascinating musical journey and one that should bring Darlene Koldenhoven a much bigger audience. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Check it out!"

                                          Kathy Parsons, 12/29/2013

"In short, she does everything to put the listener into a customized zone of comfort and relaxation, to receive pleasure from music. The music is often complemented by magical flute, mystically tuned crystal-sounding layers, soft rhythms and delicately synthesized textures. Here is a true example of an extraordinary, wonderfully beautiful album created by a real master embroiderer of soulful warmth and universal harmony."

Sergey, Ascentor, 1/31/2014

Translation from the original Russian to English by The Russian Duo

"Darlene Koldenhoven's exquisite "Tranquil Times" is the perfect antidote for a stressful day. Graceful melodies, liquid sonorities and delicate pianistics highlight this newest work from LA's most creative and versatile New Age artist."

Brad Cole, Keyboardist - Phil Collins 1/9/2014

"Darlene's music will take you on a journey that won't soon be forgotten. Her music touches a place deep within, and brings us sweet moments of peace and joy. More, please!

Jeff Oster, ZMR Album of the Year multiple Winner, 1/12/14

"Darlene Koldenhoven's passionate creativity is magical and spellbinding. Listen and you will find yourself floating among rich and brilliant aural hues."

Brent Fischer - Grammy®-Winning Producer, Arranger

(Michael Jackson, Usher, Al Jarreau,, 4/17/14


" . . . Tranquil Times is a prime example of quintessential new age music at its most pure. Koldenhoven's lyrical compositions are just heavenly, brought to life beautifully by Koldenhoven's graceful touch on piano and synthesizer. . . . If you're looking for a CD to take you away, this is it.

— Raj Manoharan, RajmanReviews blog, 8/31/14



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